Sunday, March 6, 2011

Glitter and Singing Reindeer

Really? What must they think of us? Those in third world countries building electronic reindeer heads that sing Christmas carols? Some of us in these backwoods parts think they’re the cat’s meow, but man, what must those just striving to survive think as they wire and assemble these monstrosities we invent? I do enjoy and, I must admit, depend upon some really unnecessary objects in this life I lead. I have had to purge so many of my wonderful little sparkly Christmas ornaments. I guess we will be happy with our little clay and paper creations…an old fashioned Christmas, with popcorn on a string! But can’t we just get a little sparkle? A little glitter to catch the lights? So unnecessary, I know, in the whole scheme of things. I search and search the shelves. “Do Chinese kids use glitter?” I wonder as I pull yet another brand of Chinese made sparkly red from the shelf. I wish for a life like my distant cousin Laura Ingalls back on the prairie, but I don’t think I could live without tampons. Hmmm

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